Re-Elect Judge Chris Morton to Harris County's 230th Criminal District Court

Democrat for 230th Criminal District Court

Having worked on all sides of the criminal justice system, and having previously advocated on behalf of both the accuser and the accused, Judge Chris Morton is well-equipped to understand the challenges facing both sides and well-qualified to provide fair and impartial judgments.   

As an Assistant District Attorney, Chris represented the State of Texas and the citizens of Harris County.  His job was to pursue justice—in whatever form that might take.  In some cases that meant pursuing the maximum sentence under the law.  In others, it meant dismissing a case because he felt that the defendant’s rights had been violated.  Later, as a criminal defense attorney, Chris worked zealously on behalf of people who had been accused of a crime to protect their Constitutional rights.   

Having worked on all sides of the criminal justice system, Judge Chris Morton has earned a reputation for providing fair and impartial judgments.   

Chris was honored in 2018 to be elected by the citizens of Harris County to be Judge of the 230th Criminal District Court.  During his first term as judge, Chris has earned a reputation for providing his full attention to the cases in front of him and evaluating them individually, fairly, and honestly.  Chris has also become known for challenging the status quo with respect to much-needed reforms within the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, including on hot-button topics such as bond reform.  As one practitioner recently stated, Judge Morton is "smart enough to know the law and courageous enough to follow it."        

Thank you for visiting our campaign website and helping to re-elect Chris Morton as Judge of the 230th District Court.  We hope you’ll consider donating to the campaign or volunteering your time or services to help re-elect Chris!

On March 1, 2022 vote for Chris in the Democratic Primary for Harris County Judge
230th Criminal District Court

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